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Information about access to the Coronavirus Supplement.

The Government has announced the Coronavirus Supplement as part of its economic plan to support Australian households and businesses.

The Coronavirus Supplement is available to existing and new recipients of eligible income support payments from 27 April 2020. Further information about eligibility for the Supplement can be found on the Services Australia website.

NEIS participants can now choose to access the Supplement. This option will be available to both existing and new NEIS participants.

I want to participate in New Business Assistance with NEIS. Can I access the Coronavirus Supplement when I start my business?

People on income support (such as JobSeeker Payment) who commence a NEIS business will have the choice to remain on their current income support payment or move onto NEIS Allowance.

The Coronavirus Supplement is available to recipients of eligible income support payments from 27 April 2020.

You can choose to move onto NEIS Allowance at any time during the first 39 weeks of operating your NEIS Business. NEIS Allowance is not an eligible payment for the Coronavirus Supplement. The benefit of NEIS Allowance is that it will not be affected by the earnings you make through your NEIS Business.

I am already operating my NEIS Business and am currently receiving NEIS Allowance. Can I access the Coronavirus Supplement?

Current NEIS Allowance recipients can request to have their NEIS payments cancelled so they can then can apply for other income support through Services Australia, including the Coronavirus Supplement.

Please note, you will not automatically switch onto JobSeeker Payment (or other income support payment) if you decide to cancel your NEIS Allowance.

To cancel your NEIS Allowance, you will need to contact your NEIS provider to request the cancellation. Once your cancellation has been processed, you will receive an email which you need to provide to Services Australia when making a claim for income support. This email will confirm for Services Australia that you are no longer receiving NEIS Allowance.

You must lodge a claim for an income support payment with Services Australia who will determine your eligibility for payment, including the Supplement.

NEIS participants can do this while continuing to run their NEIS business and receive mentoring.

You should talk to your NEIS provider to determine the best arrangements for your particular circumstances.

Other things you should know

NEIS Allowance is designed to ensure your rate of payment is not affected by the earnings you make through your NEIS Business. The benefit of this is that you can earn any amount through your NEIS Business without your NEIS Allowance payment being affected.

Other income support payments have different reporting requirements and may be income tested. This means your NEIS business income may impact upon the rate of income support you receive.

If you are on an income support payment with Mutual Obligation or Compulsory Participant Requirements, you will continue to fully meet these requirements by participating in NEIS Assistance and operating your NEIS business.

Contact your NEIS provider soon to be eligible for the Coronavirus Supplement when it commences from 27th April 2020.

For the latest health information and advice regarding COVID-19, visit the Australian Government Department of Health website, which includes coronavirus resources such as a home isolation and care fact sheet.

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