February 16, 2022 Neis, Small business


It’s important for all small business owners to protect their business against unexpected events that could potentially create financial pressure. Things can go wrong, such as injury, damage or loss. The NEIS program requires its participants to have appropriate cover, but many small business owners are unsure of the type and level of insurance they need to cover the products, services and day-to-day operation of the business.

BizCover proudly supports the NNA and the NEIS program through its online specialised small business broking. You can access the service to get information and compare your options.

It’s completely free to get multiple quotes from leading Aussie insurers and is trusted by over 170,000 Australian businesses.

To get a further understanding of why you need insurance; how insurance works; and the type of insurance you should consider, please watch the eLearning modules for NEIS participants.

For more information about the NEIS program, use the postcode search tool to find your nearest NEIS Provider.

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