October 13, 2019 Product

Toy, gift and game distribution.

Owner of Creative Wholesale Distributors, Anais Yliche was a finalist at the recent 2019 NEIS Awards for Best New Business. Here is her story in a guest post from her NEIS provider Konekt Employment.

When Anais Yliche started the NEIS program she was a working mum selling toys from her home. As her product range grew, so did her business. In fact the growth was so rapid, even she was blown away. She became so busy that she even struggled to find time to design her business card.

Anais built a great website and online store and was fortunate enough to make some exceptional connections with both suppliers and customers. As her business continued to grow, she negotiated stock rebates with her suppliers. She soon realised that she would need to find more suitable space to store her stock before it took over her whole house and there would be no room for the family! True to Murphy’s law, things in business don’t always go according to plan and Anais had further challenges when she had a fire at her home. Thankfully no stock was damaged.

Overcoming every obstacle in her path, Anais pushed forward. Realising she needed an edge over her competitors and not being a fan of flying herself, she sent her husband to the Hong Kong Trade Fair to find new products that focused on the collectors market. This proved to be a sound decision and as her business grew rapidly she changed from a Sole Trader to a company and started looking for a bookkeeper.

Anais has negotiated distributor rights for Australia and New Zealand for Bottlepops. The talking head bottle openers of famous characters like Deadpool, Hulk and even Donald Trump have proven very popular. She also negotiated the Australian distributorship for leading stationery manufacturer Inkology. She continues to increase her stock holdings as she gears up for further growth.

“NEIS has been a great support for me and has offered me invaluable guidance through my business journey. My mentor also introduced me to Many Rivers who have also been very supportive. I feel I am now poised to take my business to that next step and continue to grow as a serious competitor in the toy, gift and games marketplace.”

If you have a new business idea, take the first step to self-employment with free NEIS training. NEIS is an Australian Government sponsored new business training program, to assist with self-employment. Use the postcode finder for your local provider and contact them for a chat.

This story was provided by Konekt Employment, the largest provider of New Business Assistance with NEIS. Over the last 3 years Konekt Employment have helped over 7,000 people start their own business.


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